Spiritual gifts are divine abilities that are given by God’s grace to every Christian, through the Holy Spirit, to be used in service to one another for the purpose of building up the kingdom of God here on earth, with the sole desire being to glorify God. 
They are… They are not…
Given by God (divine) Something you can learn
For every Christian Given only to “special” Christians
A gift of God’s grace Something you can earn
Delivered through the Holy Spirit Something we get to decide we have or don’t have
Given so we can serve others by building God’s kingdom on earth Something we are given to build up ourselves
We invite you to begin exploring what ministry God might be calling you to, by understanding your spiritual gifts. 
Once complete contact Ellen McDonald at emcdonald@lmumc.org and share with her your top three spiritual gifts and start discerning how you might be called to serve in God's kingdom.