Lay Leadership at Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church

What is a Lay Leader? Lay Leaders are nominated leaders elected by the members of the church to serve on various governing committees that represent the body of our church. As leaders, they are expected to uphold the principles of the United Methodist Church: prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.
Chairperson Church Council
Donna Costello
Lay Leader
Jim Griffin
Assistant Lay Leader
Dennis Earley
Church Treasurer
Steve Miller
Recording Secretary
Elizabeth Follman
Camps & Retreats Rep
Taylor Toothman
Financial Secretary
Hilary Rain
Membership Secretary
Sue Napier
Lay Member to Annual Conference
Steve Livingston
Campus Ministry Rep
Jerry McBride
Administrative Committees:
Committee on
Pastor-Parish Relations
(Staff Parish, SPPR, SPR)
John Ganio
Committee on Finance
Kenneth Brown
Board of Trustees
Brent Worden
Nominations & Leadership Development
Brent Byerman
Randy Costello (Vice)
Interpreter of Connectional Giving
Hilary Rain
Children's Home Representative
Terry & Cindy Sisco
Church Council Members:
Jim Manning
George King
John Jacobs
Rob Lanigan
Terry Sisco
Randy Costello
Linda Livingston
Steve Crites
Chad Johnson
Nikki McDonald
Corey McKeown
Cindy Petrus
Kathy Hobart
Ken Hobart
Matthew Juren
Don Kuder
Pete Hay
David Raudman
Claire Raudman
Tamie Lanigan