Planning a Funeral or Memorial


View facing the lake in our Columbarium

 We understand that planning and organizing a funeral or memorial can be difficult and at times very stressful. Rest assured we will help you every step of the way. If you are in need of a memorial or funeral, please contact Jeanette Abbott, our Hospitality Coordinator at 961-1254 to set up an appointment to talk about service planning.
We typically host funerals and memorials Monday - Thursday. 


Our cemetery is located at the North end of Lake Carroll on Armenia Avenue, and is owned by and a ministry of Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church. Internment in our cemetery is reserved primarily, but not exclusively, for Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church members*. There are currently less than nine hundred (900) plots left for sale in our cemetery. The fees for individual plots are as follows:
LMUMC Members: $2000
Non-Members: $3000
*It continues to be the Trustees' sense that the sales of these plots be limited to those with long-term ties to our immediate area.

Memorializing Your Loved Ones

Members of Lake Magdalene are fortunate to have four ways to memorialize deceased loved on Lake Magdalene's campus. Please see the following options:
1) Traditional burial at Lake Carroll Cemetery:
Members $2000/Space
Approved Non-Members $3000/Space
2) Cremation with burial in the Memorial Garden Columbarium
(located on N. Paddock Drive on the North-West corner of the Lake)
$1800/Niche (Space for 2 Urns)
Brass urn -$50, Hand-crafted wooden urns - Starting at $100
3) Engraved brick to be placed in the bricks surrounding the cross in the Columbarium Memorial Garden
4) Granite plaque engraved with the name of a loved one buried elsewhere to be placed on the Memorial Wall of            the Columbarium Memorial Garden 
Please call for information and pricing regarding engraved bricks elsewhere on campus.
A proposed free-standing columbarium is in the planning stages to be built in the north section of our Lake Carroll Cemetery.
If you have any questions regarding pricing for burials and memorials, please contact Hilary Rain at or 961-1254 x216.
For questions regarding the planning and pricing of additional services for funerals and memorials, please contact Jeanette Abbott at or 961-1254 x280.