Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church

Our Mission
Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church has a full and rich history of ministry to the Carrollwood community and beyond, however, we believe that God is doing marvelous and powerful things in our midst TODAY! We are seeking to provide a Faith community wholly committed to employing all of our resources for the purpose of "...making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of Carrollwood, Tampa, and beyond."


Our Discipleship-Based Core Values

Meet people where they are in ways that are scriptural:
Jesus met each of His disciples where they were, did what they did, and accepted them as they were. We were accepted that same way and those who do not yet know Jesus are there to be met, just as we were, just as they are.

Help people accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior:
Jesus spent three years with His disciples, letting them come to know Him and allowing them to come to the decision that He was in fact the Messiah. Those we meet who are not yet committed to Christ need our support, encouragement and knowledge to make this important decision for themselves.

Participate in community that embodies Christ’s love:
The twelve disciples were constantly with Jesus for three years participating in what He did and sharing His wisdom. One who wishes to follow Christ will do best by active participation in a community of believers. This goes far beyond attending church for one hour a week; it means sharing in the life of the community in joys and sorrows, and working constantly to grow and help others grow in Christ.

Experience the Holy Spirit’s power in prayer and worship:
Jesus’ disciples witnessed in Him the power of the Holy Spirit and His dependence upon communicating with His father through prayer. We too have witnessed God’s power within His people and know that prayer is essential for realizing the fullness of God’s blessings.

Hear and Follow God’s word in scripture:
Jesus taught the disciples the scriptures and their meanings. Their continued ministries after the death and resurrection of Jesus were founded on what He taught. We have the scriptures preserved for us and through them we can learn all we should be doing.

Become more Christ-like in our daily walk:
The disciples actually walked with Jesus and became more like him in the process. Jesus promised that He would never leave us and so we can be assured that He is walking with us daily. We need to make sure that He will be pleased with our walk of faith.

Seek and Serve people as Christ’s ambassadors:
Jesus traveled throughout His homeland looking for those who needed to hear His message and encouraging them by serving them at their point of need. We are His ambassadors in the world today. We should be giving others the opportunity to meet Him and know His ways through our service at their point of need so that they would see Christ in us.

Share God’s Gifts:
Each of us is wonderfully blessed in our abilities, special gifts, and our wealth. That which we share multiplies. That which we hoard becomes corrupted. The purpose of becoming a follower of Christ is to become His disciple, which means becoming a serving and sharing person. Our membership vows remind us that we will support the church through our Prayers, our Presence, our Gifts, our Service, and our Witness.