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A Disciple’s Heart

Coming the week of September 13!
Join us on Sunday, September 13, as we launch into “A Disciple’s Heart” with Rev. James Harnish, author of this study as our guest pastor!
This community group study & sermon series is the next step in A Disciple’s Path, the church-wide study that took place 2 Falls ago, and the new member’s course that our congregation takes before being received as members of our church. 
While A Disciple’s Path focuses on understanding the growth and path as a disciple, A Disciple’s Heart focuses in on John Wesley’s understanding of transforming the heart, and helps you to develop your own daily patterns of scripture reading, prayer and reflection. 
Will you join us as we take another step on the path to learning to walk and live as Jesus did?

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Wednesday Night Dinners

Welcome to Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church! 
“To become, grow, and make disciples of Jesus Christ”
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